Featured Photographer


One of the regular highlights of the SIPC is our “Featured Photographer” wall. This collaboration with the Art Guild has been underway for about two years. The impetus behind it is to showcase different photographers throughout the year and to provide residents and guests of Seabrook an opportunity to view the amazing talents of their fellow Seabrooker’s.

The Featured Photographer hangs their photos at the Lake House and the subject matter is up to the discretion of the photographer. We have seen a wide array of photos taken from such places as our beloved Seabrook to Africa to the Galapagos Islands.  The location of the Featured Photographer Wall is at the little alcove near the restrooms.

The goal of the Featured Photographer program is to encourage SIPC photographers to share their creative talents in a relaxed and comfortable forum for others to enjoy.

Members may contact Ted Henderer to arrange a time slot to showcase their photos as the Featured Photographer


Valerie Doane – April/May 2019 Featured Photographer

My enthusiasm for photography began way back when I received my first brownie box camera as a kid. I went through many rolls of film documenting family vacations and events and much loved family pets.

Over the years my love of photography has evolved from taking “snapshots” to an appreciation of composition and technique.   I consider myself an amateur photographer who is continuously learning and expanding my skills.

I enjoy shooting landscapes, wild flowers and wildlife as well as my two Bombay cats… when they will cooperate! My husband Mark and I travel frequently. Our most recent travels took us on an expedition with National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions to the continent of Antarctica thus enabling us to check off “visiting all seven continents” from our “bucket list!” We fell in love with the penguins, wildlife, snow and crystal ice and overall beauty and tranquility of Antarctica so much so that less than a year later we traveled with Nat Geo/Lindblad on yet another expedition to the Antarctica region.  This time our expedition led us to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Islands both of which are in the Antarctic convergence, not quite 60 degrees south.

My Bio Pic April 2019

The South Georgia and Falklands explode with wildlife galore: King penguins and their big fluff ball chicks referred to as “Oakum Boys,” Rockhopper, Marcaroni, Gentoo, and Magellanic penguins, Elephant seals, Blue-eyed Shags, Petrels, Grey-headed Albatross and many other species of birds including the exquisite and beautiful bird Black-browed Albatross.

The wildlife featured in this display are of the Kings, Oakum Boys and Rockhopper penguins and the Black-browed Albatross. I hope you enjoy this very tiny slice of wildlife from South Georgia and The Falklands that we were so privileged to experience.

Contact info:    Valerie@doanes.net     Cell: 843-901-3336